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Updated: Sep 30, 2018


Hong Kong is a metropolis where East meets West; a coming together of two worlds. I know so many people who love HK for its vibrancy, its culture, history, food, it’s convenience. For the young and adventurous, HK has it all, from bars, high end shopping malls, fine dining and high tea to local country parks for hiking trails …and everywhere that the eye can see, dense urban housing rising into the skies.

When I first arrived in HK it wasn’t as a tourist, but to follow half of my family. I came to HK to work and the biggest contrast I could draw was the heat and the crowds. For one, I’m pretty suited to the calm UK lifestyle, the food and (I’ll say it…) even the dismal weather. The constant blistering heat and humidity, the stifling crowds on public transport (comparable to the London underground!), is something I still find hard to get used to. But despite that, there are rules. There’s an efficiency and convenience of having everything on your doorstep. The pristine airport and train systems and frequent bus times. You don’t need to drive. The pace of life occupies you.

Compared to a lot of Asian countries, you’ll be able to communicate very easily in English wherever you go. People are curious to know more about foreigners, friendly, and eager to help. HK island is the commercial, social, and political hub where everything happens, no matter the time of day. You could travel from one side of HK to another in under an hour and a half. This convenience attracts tourists, expats, or those just aiming to meet new people! It is a vibrant, bright city full of life and energy. Those who visit always say they will return, a place they missed from their list. For those who can afford to, it is definitely a must-see destination.

One of my favourite places has to be Goldcoast in Tuen Mun offering everything for a peaceful and relaxing afternoon out. It has all you would expect - sun, sea breeze, a sandy beach, cafes a short walk away, and the option of afternoon tea or cocktails at the Goldcoast hotel.

Many birthdays are celebrated here with its perfect backdrop and evoking dreams of life on a yacht bobbing on the translucent turquoise waters. It makes you remember that HK isn’t just a dense urban city, there are hidden gems tucked away to explore as a personal retreat, right on your doorstep.

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