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Inspiring you to live and travel on this amazing planet with minimal impact and zero waste.   

"A year from now and you will wish you had started today" Karen Lamb


Our impact is undeniable.  Plastics are entering our oceans every minute, polluting our waters and food chain. We simply have to care and reduce our use of plastics.  Our products help you demonstrate your commitment. 

The UK exports plastic overseas for recycling; pass the plastic and the problem.  Your weekly trip to the Recyling Centre  is not enough. 


Touring around India got me thinking about my own footprint.  I try to be eco-conscious but with multiple hotel stops and tempting bathroom products my plastic footprint was stacking up! Hotels try to manage the problem but at the risk of not meeting client expectations.  It's down to us to be conscious.  Plastic mountains are not easily moved.

Returning home, that consciousness around plastics continued and a bathroom once adorned with plastics in a multitude of shapes and colours dwindled to a few bars of soap.  The supermarket shop continues to be a challenge where excessive packaging rules.  

Live and travel consciously and take responsibility for our contribution to the plastic timebomb.   

The sustainabilty of this beautiful World is in our hands and we must all strive to help it survive.

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